Introducing Usability Labs

Introducing <b>Usability Labs</b>

Learn about our state of the art eyetracking and usability labs. Located in Portland Oregon but with a national and global reach, our labs are totally portable- a true lab in a suitcase to go!

Our Clients Include

Usability Testing Done Right

<b>Usability Testing</b> Done Right

What separates quick-and-dirty testing from professional usability testing? Well the dirt part, really. Our usability tests bring rigor and accuracy to the user testing process. Since 2002, we have been building usability labs that help you capture and share results with stakeholders…

Follow the Eyeballs with Eyetracking

Follow the Eyeballs with <b>Eyetracking</b>

What’s eyetracking good for? Not much unless you want to add more hard science and credibility to your usability tests. Eyetracking lets you extend the power of your user tests by adding metrics of eye-brain activity.

Portable - goes anywhere
Both usability and eyetracking labs travel or ship globally
Desktop Testing
Test desktop software or web applications
Mobile Testing
Test up to 5 different scenarios with mobile
Devices - eg., Medical
New devices, healthcare devices- you name it.