Eye-tracking Guide: Fact vs Fiction- Getting beyond the hype

Eye-tracking is making an impact in digital marketing but it’s often misunderstood. This guide clears up the major misconceptions and digs into how useful eye-tracking is and where specifically it delivers value.

This FREE Guide includes:

  • Is eye-tracking just hype or does it have any value?
  • The pros and cons of eyetracking.
  • Eye-tracking vs usability testing.
  • The facts you need to know about eye-tracking.
  • Who’s using eye-tracking and why...

This Guide is for: Marketers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Brand Managers, Engagement Managers, Art Directors, and Product Teams who are new to eyetracking studies.

What you'll learn: Exactly what is eye-tracking? Is eye-tracking really essential in online engagement? What you need to know to make a decision about using eye-tracking for one of your UX studies.

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